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A Digital Art 

My name is Anatt Friedman and I’m a mixed media artist and a digital art therapist who works with individuals and groups with special needs of all ages. My artwork is centered around traditional and technological art tools that can improve our expression and our connections with ourselves and with others.

I use art tools combining plastic art materials with digital tools. In my work, I use digitals tools such as an iPad, camera, computer, projector and accessibility tools, such as eye gaze technology which enables participants to control the computer and create art only with their eyes.


I believe that many digital tools can become art tools and a channel for communication and connection. I also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express their rich and colourful inner world despite their limitations. I do all I can to help participants, their families and their professional teams to support and improve their opportunities for expression. 

My Work

I work with individuals and groups on a weekly basis, and I also teach and give lectures to students, teachers and therapists about the capabilities of these technological tools to be used as tools for artistic expression. I'm part of the Israeli Rett Syndrome guidance team. We visit schools and kindergartens around Israel to give support for working creatively with the participants to improve their opportunities for expression social interaction.

My Studies

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy with distinction from the Western Sydney University, Australia and prior to that I completed a 3 years course in expressive art therapy from the ISIS college in Israel.

What is Digital Art Therapy?

Digital art therapy is a therapeutic field that combines emotional support and creative expression through traditional art tools (such as plastic art) and technological art tools (such as computer, iPad, camera). "Digital art therapy is a relative newcomer to art therapy methods and materials that can be defined as “all forms of technology-based media, including digital collage, illustrations, films, and photography that are used by therapists to assist clients in creating art as part of the process of therapy” (Malchiodi, 2011, p. 33).

You can read more about Digital Art Therapy here

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